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Quarantine Title

This is a special, limited release title that comes out in times of "disaster" and is our way of attempting to make a positive impact on the world, keep people and dogs safe, and spread the wonder of parkour. Five dollars from every title submitted will be donated to a non-profit dedicated to the response to the "disaster" that made us release the title.

Currently, this title is live due to the emerging threat of the coronavirus causing COVID-19 worldwide. Our non-profit of choice is MedShare who has a 4 star (highest) rating on Charity Navigator. The abbreviation for this current title is PKQT-COVID. Future releases will have different abbreviations, allowing people to earn the title each time it is released (rules regarding the repetition of obstacles remain.)

ALL behaviors in this title MUST be done in a house (it's a quarantine title after all!) The obstacles must be household items and not "dog specific" training equipment (agility equipment, fitpaws, klimb steps, etc.) If you are lucky enough to have a full dog training set-up in your basement, please be fair to those who don't!

Just like with the specialty titles, each obstacle has to be unique to each requirement and you can only use each requirement once for each level. No obstacle can be repeated at ANY level within a specialist designation for a specific dog. As with all IDPKA submissions, handlers may not repeat the same behavior on the same obstacle with additional dogs.

Level 1 title: 15 behaviors, at least one requirement from each category

Level 2 title: 25 behaviors, at least two requirements from each category

Level 3 title: 35 behaviors (which is every requirement)

Any dog is eligible to submit for a quarantine title. No previous titles are required. Levels must be completed in order. Dogs under 18 months old must follow the stopper height rule.

For a printable checklist of the categories, click here.


Remember your dog must be shown getting on and off every obstacle. Dog Parkour Rules apply to all title submissions.

Dog Parkour Quarantine Title Submission Form. Submission Fee is $25

Category One-4 Feet On:

Dog must place all four feet on one obstacle and remain there for 5 seconds.​​

  • Hard

  • Soft

  • Moves

  • Wood

  • Plastic

Category Two-Two Feet On:

Dog must place two front feet on one obstacle and remain there for 5 seconds.​​

  • Hard

  • Soft

  • Metal

  • Wood

  • Plastic

Category Three-Back Up:

Dog must move backwards at least 5 steps without sitting down.​​

  • Narrow

  • Tall

  • Over something

  • Under something

  • Through something

Category Four-Balance:

Dog must balance across an object at least 1.5 times body length.

  • Narrow​

  • Uneven

  • Wide

  • Wobbles

  • Soft​​

Category Five-Under:

Dog must pass under an object less than 1.5 times shoulder height.​​

  • Solid

  • Moves

  • Long

  • Low

  • Raised

Category Six-Around:

Dog must go around an object and return to handler. Show each direction.​​

  • Short

  • Wide

  • Two objects before returning

  • Long

  • Tight fit

Category Seven-Control:

Both behaviors must be demonstrated with the same obstacle in one unedited clip.​​

  • 2on vs 4on

  • Around vs 4on

  • Under vs 4on

  • Under vs Around

  • 2on vs Under

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