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  • Do measurements need to be exact?
    We won't be measuring your dog, so you don't need to either. However, we do expect estimates to be very close to the given standard.
  • Can I use a video from one level for a different level?
    No, videos may not be reused. In addition the same obstacle may not be used for the same behavior in more than one level. For example if you used a specific rock for a 4 feet on at the training level, this same rock may not be used for 4 ft on at the Novice level.
  • How high of quality do the videos need to be?
    Videos need to show the dog getting on and off the obstacle. They also need to demonstrate that spotting is occurring and the dog is not being lured. The dog must be visible during the obstacle performance. However, the handler does not need to be visible the whole time as long as the other criteria is met.
  • Are we allowed to use lures or targets?
    Lures may be helpful in training, but are not allowed in title submission videos. Targeting may be used, but it should not appear to be a food lure.
  • If a team does not qualify with an entry, can they use the video clips that did qualify and just redo the problem one(s)?"
    Yes, if a team does not qualify the video clips from that submission may be reused.
  • Do titles need to be earned in order?
    Yes, but there are multiple orders in which they can be earned. Training Level is an optional titling level. All teams must earn a Novice title before they can earn an Intermediate title, and then an Expert title. Once teams have earned a Novice title they are also eligible for the Championship and Specialty Titles. The Championship Title does not require that a team has earned a Intermediate or Expert Title.
  • Creativity and Sequence say that the the behaviors performed must be parkour behaviors. What qualifies as a parkour behavior?
    Parkour is a way of moving through space. Therefore all behaviors should in some way be accomplishing this. Acceptable parkour behaviors include, but are not limited to: On, over, under, around, through, balance, in, back up onto an object, gap jump and tic tac. Tricks that can be done independently of the object will not count as parkour behaviors. Dogs do not need to wait on the obstacles for either creativity or sequence.
  • Can I combine my submission into one video?
    No, in order to make reviewing as easy and quick as possible each video clip needs to demonstrate only the skill listed. Clips that show multiple skills will not be reviewed. If you know how to link to a specific TIME in a video, that is also acceptable.
  • Do I have to use Youtube to upload my video?
    No, any program may be used, as long as you are able to send a separate link for each video and we can view these links. Some other popular programs are Vimeo and Dropbox.
  • What is the difference between creativity and sequence?
    Creativity is multiple behaviors with one obstacle. The object can be moved and rearranged, but it should clearly be one distinct object. Sequence is multiple behaviors with multiple obstacles. The same object should not be used twice, and there should be one continuous movement with flow, dogs do not have to wait on an object.
  • Can I use a playground?
    Yes, but we highly recommend avoiding them. Go out and explore, and use a playground only if you can't find the obstacle elsewhere. As dogs progress in the levels, we expect playgrounds to be used less and less. Playgrounds are kids' first, we expect you to respect that and avoid playgrounds if children are on them. Playground are especially tricky to evaluate for sequence and creativity since it is not clear where one obstacle starts and another one ends. As a general rule, each component of the playground is counted as one obstacle.
  • What position should the handler be in for back up and pivot?
    Any! The handler can be stationary or moving, and the dog can be in front of the handler, at the side, or in any position you desire.
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