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Champion Parkour Dog (CH-PKD)

Our championship title is very different from your typical dog sport championship. That’s because Dog Parkour (and its human parkour root) is vastly different from any other dog sport. Practicing parkour is more about exploring, working through fear, building strength and confidence and mastering your own movements than being able to check off a list of specific skills.

The point of the championship title is to get people thinking, exploring and really doing dog parkour as opposed to just following a list of requirements. The goal is to be the best team YOU can be. We want you to develop your “parkour eye”, to be able to find new places, new movements, and new obstacles that are safe, appropriate, and fun for your dog. This title very intentionally does not require any specific skill on the dog’s part. We believe that true parkour is a journey. This is the essence we hope to capture with the championship title. This title is not meant to be completed quickly. We want you to put a lot of time and thought into making it the best representation of you and your dog’s journey through parkour.

In order to encourage as many people as possible to take the dog parkour journey, the championship title has a "pay what you can" price structure. A minimum title submission fee of $40 is required, this simply covers the bare minimum cost of processing the title and mailing the certificate and ribbon. If you are able to pay more, this allows us to continue to develop dog parkour, design new resources, and encourage the growth of the sport.

Please make sure to read ALL the rules and title guidelines before submitting a title. The Frequently Asked Questions page will also be a helpful resource. Titles will be reviewed once the submission form and payment is received. Applicants will receive an email within a month concerning the status of their submitted titles.  Expert and Championship titles may take longer to review due to the complexity of these titles. No refunds will be given for title submissions that do not meet our criteria, but you are welcome to resubmit for titles as many times as necessary (payment will be required each time). Certificates are e-mailed out quarterly.

Remember, your video MUST include the full performance of the obstacle including getting onto and off of the obstacle!

For a printer-friendly checklist of all the behaviors, click here.

  • Must have at least Novice Parkour Dog title

  • 5 distinct places (different parks do NOT count as a distinct place). Each place should demonstrate a different environment in which you can train parkour. For example, one place could be mainly concrete, one place could be mainly grass, one place in the woods, etc).

  • Safely perform 5 different parkour behaviors at each of the above places (do NOT have to meet any specific requirements)

  • Safely perform 5 parkour behaviors that are unique from behaviors in any of the levels - be creative! These behaviors should be one fluid behavior, and not a sequence of different behaviors. The behavior may contain a component of behaviors at other levels, but should be distinctly different.

  • 3 examples where you had to spot your dog. At least one of these must show spotting while getting on or performing an obstacle (not just in dismount).

  • 3 times you asked your dog to do something and he showed deliberate and intentional thinking about the skill, and then decided not to do it. This should not just be your dog trying and failing, but a demonstration that your dog is evaluating the task asked of him and determining if he is or is not capable of performing it at this time.

  • At least one time where your dog chose not to do a skill, but later does it successfully.

  • 3 examples of your dog doing his favorite parkour behavior (same behavior on 3 different obstacles)

  • 3 examples of your dog doing your favorite parkour behavior (same behavior on 3 different obstacles)

  • One behavior and how it has progressed with training. The best way to demonstrate this is with two videos of the same behavior, one when you first started training parkour, and one at your current level. For example: a video of Novice creativity exercise when you first filmed it, and an example of that same creativity exercise now that you and your dog have grown through parkour.

  • Explanation and video of your conditioning program to ensure your dog is physically fit

  • Explanation/video of how you and your dog’s relationship has changed through parkour

  • Explanation/video of the changes you’ve seen in your dog through parkour

  • Explanation/video of how you’ve changed through dog parkour

  • 20 minute maximum time limit

  • Throughout your entire submission, demonstrate a solid respect for the philosophy behind parkour:

    • Respect for the places we get to train (Including landscaping)

    • Respect for the people around us when training

    • Respect for the people and dogs training (Including yourself)

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