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Gap Jump Specialty Title (PKD-GJ)

Specialty titles are available to any dog who has earned a Novice Level title. These titles are designed to get you out exploring your environment, stretching your parkour eye, and really focusing on the variety that can occur even within one type of movement.

You must earn your Level 1 title before submitting for Level 2 and earn your level 2 before submitting for Level 3.

You must complete the following number of obstacles for each level:

  • 10 for Level 1

  • 15 for Level 2

  • 20 for Level 3

Choose a minimum of three requirements from each category.


At each level, each obstacle must be for a distinct item on the requirement list. For example, you cannot submit two different obstacles to meet the "plastic object" requirement twice. No obstacle can be repeated at ANY level within a specialist designation.

All obstacles must be done with objects found outside naturally in the environment. Nothing may be moved or placed by the handler.

The cost to submit a Specialty Title for review is $25 USD. You will pay upon submitting your form for review.

Please make sure to read ALL the rules and title guidelines before submitting a title. The Frequently Asked Questions page will also be a helpful resource. Titles will be reviewed once the submission form and payment is received. Applicants will receive an email within a month concerning the status of their submitted titles.  Expert and Championship titles may take longer to review due to the complexity of these titles. No refunds will be given for title submissions that do not meet our criteria, but you are welcome to resubmit for titles as many times as necessary (payment will be required each time). Certificates are e-mailed out quarterly.

Remember, your video MUST include the full performance of the obstacle including getting onto and off of the obstacle!

For a printer-friendly checklist of all the behaviors, click here.

Category 1​:

  • Wood

  • Brick

  • Rock

  • Manmade

  • Natural

  • Painted

  • Short

  • Tall

Category 2:

  • Circular (landing or take off)

  • Angled (landing or take off)

  • Rounded top (landing or take off)

  • Small (landing or take off)

  • Long (landing or take off)

  • Perpendicular (long edge of jumping surfaces perpendicular to each other)

Category 3​:

  • Jump to taller surface

  • Over obstacle

  • Underside of surface open

  • Over Water

  • Take off and landing surface at ground level

  • Two in a row

Dog must jump from one elevated surface to another elevated surface over an empty area in between (unless otherwise stated) without touching the area between these two surfaces. The space between these surfaces must be at least ¾ of dog body length.The landing surface should be no lower than elbow height difference from takeoff surface (but can be level or higher as long as spotting rules are followed).

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