In Specialty Title

Specialist Level One: 10 Behaviors

Specialist Level Two: 15 Behaviors

Specialist Level Three: All 20 Behaviors

All levels must feature at least three behaviors from each category and cannot repeat any behaviors.

Dog must climb or jump into obstacle with all four feet and remain there for 5 seconds. All obstacles must be enclosed by defined sides.

For a printable checklist of the categories, click here.

Category 1

    • Plastic
    • Metal
    • Stone
    • Wood
    • Man made
    • Natural
    • Wet
    • Slippery surface
    • Inside lower than outside

Category 2

    • On a slant
    • Open sides
    • Loose sides (like a rope or chain)
    • Requires an under to get in
    • Requires climbing
    • Moves

Category 3

    • Narrow
    • Tall
    • Short
    • Tiny
    • Split in two (front and back feet in different ins)

Remember your dog must be shown getting on and off every obstacle. Dog Parkour Rules apply to all title submissions.

Dog Parkour Specialist Submission Form. Submission Fee is $25.