Walking Balance Specialty Title

Dog must stay on for entire length of obstacle and demonstrate one 180 degree turn in each direction. Each walking balance obstacle must be at least two body lengths.

For a printable checklist of the categories, click here.

    • Category 1
      • Narrow
      • Wide
      • Very long
      • Short (height)
      • Tall
      • Moves
    • Category 2
      • Stone
      • Wood
      • Metal
      • Rounded
      • Uneven surface
      • Unusual surface
    • Category 3
      • Slanted
      • Log
      • With a pipe rail connected to it
      • With a solid vertical surface connected to it
      • Wall on a bridge
      • With gap in the surface
      • With something to step over
    • With something to go around

Remember your dog must be shown getting on and off every obstacle. Dog Parkour Rules apply to all title submissions.

Dog Parkour Specialist Submission Form. Submission Fee is $25.