Specialty Titles

Dogs must have obtained Novice Parkour Dog title before testing for the specialty titles. You must earn your Level 1 title before submitting for Level 2 and earn your level 2 before submitting for Level 3.

You must complete the following number of obstacles for each level:

10 for Level 1

15 for Level 2

20 for Level 3

Choose a minimum of three requirements from each category.

At each level, each obstacle must be for a distinct item on the requirement list. For example, you cannot submit two different obstacles to meet the "plastic object" requirement twice. No obstacle can be repeated at ANY level within a specialist designation.

All obstacles must be done with objects found outside naturally in the environment.

Remember your dog must be shown getting on and off every obstacle. Dog Parkour Rules apply to all title submissions.

Dog Parkour Specialist Submission Form. Submission Fee is $25.

4 FT On Specialty Title

Tic Tac Specialty Title

Under Specialty Title

Walking Balance Specialty Title

In Specialty Title