Under Specialty Title

Dog Parkour Specialist- Under

PKD#-UN  (the # is the specialist level they have completed).
Dog’s whole body must go under the entire obstacle from beginning to end. Unders must be below dog’s head height.
For a printable checklist of the categories, click here.

  • Category 1 - (floor surface)

    • Mulch/Dirt

    • Grass

    • Concrete

    • Slippery

    • Other surface

  • Category 2

    • Narrow

    • Low

    • Long

    • Raised (jump up then go under)

    • Requires a turn

    • Open sides

    • Closed sides

  • Category 3

    • Circular

    • Backwards

    • Bench

    • Sign (any type)

    • Something Wood

    • Something Stone

    • Object gone under moves
    • Weird Shaped

Remember your dog must be shown getting on and off every obstacle. Dog Parkour Rules apply to all title submissions. 

Dog Parkour Specialist Submission Form. Submission Fee is $25.